UserGate Mail Server

  Administrator's Manual



There is an entire sub-menu item with the primary mailbox settings of the web interface under the Preferences item.
Web client users have access to the following settings:
Interface Language is responsible for displaying the interface in the correct language. Right now four languages are supported: Russian, English, German, and Polish.
Time Zone makes sure that the time in user messages is displayed correctly.
Personal Information enables filling out the mail account card.
The Mail tab is of the greatest interest from the point of view of managing the mail web interface. The settings are arranged in such a way that it is obvious what each item does.
Aliases enable setting up various versions of the sender’s address in messages as well as setting up their look.
Through the Delegation settings, you can grant other users access to their own mailbox through UserGate Mail Server web client or you can delegate to yourself the management of mail accounts entrusted to you. See Accounts chapter for a detailed description of the delegation procedure of a mail account to another mail account.
NOTE! Creating rules for managing messages is not supported for delegated accounts.
NOTE! Editing of personal information for accounts imported from Active Directory is not supported. Such personal information is stored in Active Directory.