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  • UserGate Mail Server Registration

UserGate Mail Server Registration

To register your UserGate Mail Server, open the administrator console in your web browser application, go to “UserGate Mail Server – Licenses” and press “Register.” The registration dialog has three options: enter pin code, register free 5-account version, or obtain demo key.
Regardless of the option you select, you will need a live Internet connection over HTTPS to register the product. If you are connected to the Internet via an upstream proxy server, you can specify server settings in the registration window.
When you complete the registration process, you can view information on registered UserGate Mail Server modules and license expiry date in the administrator console. Besides, you may use the console to check for UserGate Mail Server updates. Update request is submitted to the vendor’s website ( If an update is available, your UserGate Mail Server will not be reinstalled automatically. Only a system administrator can reinstall the server application. To install an update go to and choose an installation package.