UserGate Mail Server

  Administrator's Manual

Mail activity
Mail activity page shows status details for all messages that have been processed by the server and that are still on the server.
The page features an easy search filter:
The above listing of search filter parameters needs no explanation, with the exception of the last item – “by message status.” Mail server supports search by internal status of messages that can be easily filtered, for instance, to show only messages qualified as spam or display a sequence of messages. To apply such filter, you will need to enter a special variable parameter in the search box. For example, to search for all quarantined messages, enter the following parameter in the filter box:
To find all messages in the outgoing queue, enter:
Below is a full list of variable parameters:
all:clean — search messages for which all plugin statuses are clean;
each:clean — = all:clean all plugins report that the message is clean;
any:clean — search messages for which at least one plugin status is clean;
plugin:clean — = all:clean;
plugin:infected — = any:infected;
plugin:suspicious — = any:suspicious;
plugin:spam — = any:spam;
cloudantispam:suspicious — search messages that CloudAntispam regards as suspicious;
cloudantispam:clean — search messages that passed through CloudAntispam;
cloudantispam:infected — search messages marked by CloudAntispam as infected;
cloudantispam:spam — search messages marked by CloudAntispam as spam;
surbl:clean — search messages that passed SURBL check;
surbl:spam — search messages blocked by SURBL;
antivirus:infected — search messages in which at least one antivirus plugin found viruses;
antivirus:suspicious — search messages which at least one antivirus plugin found suspicious;
antivirus:clean — search messages in which neither antivirus plugin found viruses;
kav:infected — search messages in which KAV found viruses;
kav:suspicious — search messages which KAV found suspicious;
kav:clean — search messages in which KAV found no viruses;
panda:infected — search messages in which Panda found viruses;
panda:clean — search messages in which Panda found no viruses;
avira:infected – search messages in which Avira found viruses;
avira:clean – search messages in which Avira found no viruses;
dm:pending — search messages that are pending delivery;
dm:success — search successfully delivered messages;
dm:expanded — search messages that were partially delivered (delivered to only some of the listed recipients);
dm:failed — search messages whose delivery failed (not completed, completed with 5ХХ errors);
status:quarantine — search only quarantined messages;
status:whitelisted — search whitelisted messages;
status:failed — search messages blocked by filters
status:success — search messages that successfully passed all filters
status:received — search messages that were received via SMTP but have not been processed yet.
You may also apply filter by message status by double-clicking on the applicable icon in the “message status” column.
Each item of the message server statistics can be used as a filter link when you click on that statistics item.