UserGate Mail Server

  Administrator's Manual



Mailboxes page lists all Email addresses servicing by the UserGate Mail Server. This list contains e-mail addresses and their aliases. Email accounts which are not covered with the license are marked by a red “x”. You cannot set more processed accounts that the license allows.
Contact list can be uploaded into the application or dumped from it when necessary. When the contact list is exported, each contact must be listed on a separate line. For more convenience, the page now allows searching and highlighting the desired accounts and displaying general status of all processes accounts.
The addresses page contains a spam statistics distribution scheduler. You may use it to list accounts to which statistics will be distributed or deny such distribution to specific accounts (see column opposite the email accounts). Greyed out icon means that spam statistics will not be sent to the user, colored icon means that statistics will be sent according to schedule.
Spam statistic report is sent as an email with the list of all messages blocked as spam. It contains time, sender’s email address and link to release spam messages from quarantine and deliver them to recipient.
When you click the link, a browser page opens with a Release Message from Quarantine button. When you click the button, the letter is released from quarantine and sent to the user. The server address with a link for quarantine release can be set up in the Message Server – SMTP Server Settings – Server Address for Spam Statistics section. A local address of the mail server is displayed in the Spam Statistics Address column.