UserGate Mail Server

  Administrator's Manual


Mail downloaders

UserGate Mail Server can download e-mail from any external POP3 or IMAP accounts and distribute it to users' mailboxes. Two methods of collecting mail are supported:
In the first case, one POP3 account corresponds to one user located in the list of addresses serviced by Mail Server.
In the second case, correspondence is set based headers «X-Delivered-To», «to» or other field, between the mailbox and the users in addresses that are serviced by UserGate Mail Server.
The third case is used when there is a need to filter all incoming messages for spam and forward the remaining mail to a specified address.
The last case of mail downloader is of the greatest interest because it allows setting up a migration from any IMAP account to an IMAP account created on the UserGate Mail Server that is transparent to the user. Once the IMAP downloader makes a complete copy of the deleted mailbox it can be turned off and you can work with the IMAP account using the UserGate Mail Server as the primary mail server.
Mail downloader supports secure connection. It is possible to verify downloading by clicking on the “Check button”. In the event of successful / unsuccessful connection on the server, you will receive an appropriate message. You can set up a schedule for the mail downloader using the extra tab where the task status and download information (number of messages, date, and status of last attempt) are displayed, or force mail downloader to execute mail check immediately.
The Cancel current task button allows interrupting the ongoing mail download.