UserGate Mail Server

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License Policy

UserGate Mail Server is licensed by a number of mailboxes. UserGate Mail Server includes built-in antivirus modules from Kaspersky Lab, Avira and Panda Software, as well as the “Cloud Antispam” and “Cloud Antivirus” modules. These modules require additional licenses to be acquired (usually 1 year). To activate a module, register your UserGate Mail Server using a special pin code (enter it in the same field where you entered the regular PIN-code). The license for the UserGate Mail Server application has no expiry period.
NOTE! UserGate Mail Server licensing policy does not distinguish between an email account and an alias, which means that each alias used for any mailbox will be treated as an additional mailbox and will require a license. All processed addresses are displayed in the Administrator console on the Addresses Served page. You can remove an address by unchecking the checkmark next to it on the list.
You can use a full-featured trial version of UserGate Mail Server for 30 days. The built-in antivirus modules also have a 30-day trial period.