UserGate Mail Server

  Administrator's Manual

IMAP Synchronization in IBM Lotus Notes
Complete the following actions to configure IMAP synchronization for IBM Lotus Domino:
1. Use mail template to create a new Lotus Domino database. The new database will be used as a public IMAP folder. Go to File – Database – New in Lotus Administrator menu and specify parameters as shown in the picture below.
2. Link the new database with a user and assign user rights as shown in the picture below.
3. Assign corresponding rights to users authorized to work with the public IMAP folder.
4. Prepare mail databases for IMAP integration. Open the “Server – Status” tab in Lotus Administrator, select “Server Console” and execute the following commands in the Live mode:
tell router quit
load convert -e mail\*.nsf
load router
5. Enable IMAP Public Folders. Open “Configuration - Messaging – Configurations” in Lotus Administrator. Go to “IMAP - Public and Other Users' Folders” tab, check “Public Folders Prefix” parameter and insert link to the new database from item (1) above to “Public folder database link.”
6. Restart the IMAP service. Execute the following commands in “Server Console;”
tell imap quit
load imap
7. IMAP folder has the following full path in Lotus Domino: Public_Folder_Prefix\Public_Folder_Database_name. Specify this path as the “IMAP folder” parameter in UserGate Mail Server settings.
NOTE! Due to certain operating parameters, IMAP integration is not supported by later MS Exchange and Lotus Domino versions.