UserGate Mail Server

  Administrator's Manual

Graphic representation of message status
For easy use of the status page, the application features graphic message status indications. There are also pop-up prompts containing more details on message status or on message delivery status, as well as information on the mail rule which deleted the message or sent it to quarantine.
Description of icons:
- message successfully delivered to recipient.
- message successfully delivered and time of last delivery attempt.
- message delivered because whitelisted.
- message delivery failed.
- message pending delivery, in the delivery queue.
- message blocked by message rules.
- message delivered by server but not processed yet, pending processing.
- message not delivered; the reason of delivery failure will pop up if you point with the cursor on the icon.
- message partially delivered, i.e. at least one of the recipients received the message and at least one of the recipients did not receive the message.