UserGate Mail Server

  Administrator's Manual

Domain Parameters
Domain name” is the name that will be placed in all messages after @. “Alias” is a full equivalent of the domain, but when messages to the recipient are processed, the alias will be placed to check validity of the recipient. A message will be accepted for delivery if the alias matches the recipient (domain name).
“Default Domain” is an option that enables simplified authorization on the server, without verification of the mail domain, i.e. if your mail address is you can simply use “admin” as the authorization parameter without adding the domain address “”.
One more important domain parameter is Outgoing relay. If the mail domain requires an outbound relay, you can set it and verify that it works.
“Additional Settings” include:

NOTE!  If you cannot modify AD schema, please check if you can access domain controller over LDAP protocol (TCP 389), and you have required privileges. Changes made to AD schema cannot be reverted back, i.e. schema changes are not removed when UserGate Mail Server is removed.