UserGate Mail Server

  Administrator's Manual


Message Processor (CSEProcessor)

Features of this module include spam filtering (SURBL, Cloud Antispam), virus scanning (Cloud Antivirus, Kaspersky, Panda, Avira) and message processing with rules created by UserGate Mail Server administrator or user. When processed, a message (*.xeml file) is placed into the outgoing queue “%CSE%\mail\queue\out” or quarantine folder “%CSE%\mail\quarantine” depending on the processing result. A file with delivery status information (*.dlvr) is additionally generated for messages placed into the outgoing queue.
In addition, CSEProcessor generates statistics reports on spam messages for each processed address. Information on spam messages (date, time, sender address and subject) is recorded in statistics files “%CSE%\mail\statistics\users\*.stat.”