UserGate Mail Server

  Administrator's Manual


Message Delivery Manager (CSEDM)

Delivery Manager module (CSEDM) monitors the outgoing queue “%CSE%\mail\queue\out” and delivers messages across the specified routes. Besides, CSEDM monitors folder “%CSE%\mail\queue\import” containing messages incorrectly identified as spam.
Messages that cannot be immediately delivered to the addressee are placed in folder “%CSE%\mail\queue\out\try” for delivery retry. The TTL of messages that were not delivered on the first attempt is determined by the Delivery Timeout option. The first re-send will be attempted in 30 minutes, then, if it was unsuccessful, in 1 hour, and so on.
You can set the number of delivery retries and intervals between such retries in Delivery Settings section of “Communication Server – Settings” page.