UserGate Mail Server

  Administrator's Manual

Accounts Integrated with Active Directory
To create mail accounts integrated with Active Directory you first need to set up parameters of synchronization with LDAP catalog in the mail domain settings. You need to set up the following:
If everything is entered correctly, when you click the Check button, an attempt will be made to make changes to the settings of the AD schema.
Once synchronization with AD is set up and checked, you will have an option to add users from the Active Directory in the Account page in the mail domain properties.
To create a mail account, select the users and click Import. By default a mailing address in the login@mail_domain_name format is created for the user, where login is the user login in Active Directory. The mailing address prefix (the part before @) can be changed either in the Import dialog box or in the mail account settings once the user has been added.
It is not possible to change password for a mail account integrated with AD using the mail server Administrator console web interface. These changes can be implemented in account properties in Active Directory.
NOTE! The user’s Active Directory password is used for authorization in UserGate Mail Server. Either domain login or mail prefix can be used as login, including any of the aliases, if they are set up in account properties.