UserGate Mail Server

  Administrator's Manual

The Accounts page is used to create new user accounts for UserGate Mail Server. When you create a new account, please specify the following parameters:
The following parameters are optional:
There are several useful options on the page with the user list. In addition to the usual Add, Delete, On/Off, and Account Search, there is the Close Account option. It allows deleting an account, clearing its messages from the server, but at the same time re-assigning all aliases of the deleted account to a selected account, so that the selected account can continue to receive mail.
Primary Address is the part of mailbox name prior to the @ symbol in the mailbox name.
Use Domain Signature is the parameter which allows adding your signature, as set up in the mail domain settings, to each message sent from the mail server.
Automatically add account to contact list enables to display (or hide) an account in the general contact list of the mail domain available through the mail server web interface.
Allow only local delivery. Enables banning messaging to recipients that do not have a local domain.
Redirect all emails is an option that enables forwarding messages to an address specified below. There is also an option to save the original message in the original mailbox.
Quarantine enabled moves all messages marked as Spam into the Quarantine IMAP folder in the user’s mailbox. This folder is accessible via IMAP enabled mail client or using web interface.
Maximum disk space is a parameter that sets the maximum mailbox size for the user. If the mailbox size limit is reached, new messages will not be delivered to the user and the sender will receive a note of delivery failure due to recipient’s exceeded mailbox limit. User mailbox size and the mailbox size limit are displayed on the user page.
Alias is another name for a mailbox.
Note! From the point of view of licensing, aliases are considered full-featured mailboxes.
Relay Settings tab can be used to set up a user-specific server for forwarding messages to the Internet. In most cases this parameter does not need to be changed.
Mailing Lists enables including user in distribution lists.
Account Delegation tab in the account properties can be used to grant other users access to the account. UserGate Mail Server supports two types of delegations:
The first type of delegation is created by UserGate Mail Server administrator. The second type is created by the user through the web client. User delegations will not be displayed in UserGate Mail Server Administrator Console.
To work with delegated accounts, user should include delegated account in the general settings of UserGate Mail Server web client. UserGate Mail Server web client allows working with a delegated account on behalf of such a delegated account.
You will be able to send mail on behalf of an account delegated to you.
Note! Delegation does not grant full access to user account. For example, you will not be able to create rules for messages of a delegated account. Bear in mind that account delegation can only be done through mail server web interface. You will not be able to see it using the IMAP protocol in mail client, for example.
In order to delegate your mail account to another user:
  1. Open the UserGate Mail server Administrator console and select the user that you want to delegate to another account.
  2. Then go to the Account delegation tab, click Add, and select the user to whom you are delegating the account; save changes after exiting the User Edit dialog box.
  3. After that open the web interface using the account to whom you delegated another account. Go to Account Settings (drop-down menu on your account name button) and on the Delegation tab checkmark the accounts that you would like to see. Once you save the settings, web interface will refresh and you will see the new delegated mailbox of another user on your left.