KinderGate Parental Control

  User Guide

URL Categories
The URL Categories section is used to select the level of filtering and blocking by given categories, to check websites, or to change filtering categories and to request a category change for the selected website.
Filtering level automatically prevents access to pre-set site categories. You can select filtering levels from a drop-down menu that has the following items:
The Allow Everything filtering level disables filtering by pre-set categories and, consequently, the categories will not be blocked:
Each filtering level has a certain list of blocked site categories associated with it. For example, when Minimal level is selected, the following categories will be blocked:
The Custom Categories level lets the user select and block all necessary categories:
Category selection is done in the drop-down menu in URL Categories, which appears when you click Select. Once you select the categories click the Apply button:
The text field Enter URL Address to View or Set Classification is used to check the site category, to request a category change if the current category does not match the site content, and to check which morphological database is blocking the address entered (when using a morphological filter).
When Entering URL Address to View or Set Classification in the text field, please:
If the site has already been entered into any controlled site category, the Gambling category on the Secure Connection page, for example, after you click the Check button, you will see the name of that category:
If you believe that the site category does not match its content, you can send a request to Entensys to change the category as follows:
Once you send the category change request, you will see a message: “Your category change request for this site has been accepted”: