KinderGate Parental Control

  User Guide


Simple Administrator Console

The simple administrator console is used to review filter settings, quickly enable/disable filters, change filter level, check URLs, add sites to black or white lists, update the basic use report, enable/disable additional checking, or switch to the advanced administrator console.
The header of the Simple administrator console on the KinderGate page has information on the installed version of KinderGate, the owner of the registered license, and the license expiration date.
The Simple administrator console page has the following functional sections:
The URL Categories section is used to select the level of filtering and website blocking by selected categories. The filter level automatically blocks access to a pre-determined set of website categories. You can select the filter level from a drop-down menu which has the following items:
The Allow Everything filter level will remove filtering by pre-determined set of categories and the categories will not be blocked. A certain list of blocked website categories corresponds to each level of filtering. For example, when you choose the Minimal level of filtering the following categories will be blocked:
  1. Advertising and pop-ups;
  2. Phishing and fraud;
  3. Malware;
  4. Pornography and violence;
  5. Nudity;
  6. Botnets.
The Custom Categories level lets the user select and block categories.
You can select categories in the drop-down menu in URL Categories list which appears when you click Select. Once you select the categories click the Apply button.
The Site Check section is used for quickly checking website classification and for adding websites to black or white lists. In order to do that, in the Enter the URL Address to View or Set Classification text field, enter the website address and click the Check button. Information on website category will appear as well as suggestions for adding the website to black lists or white lists for exclusion websites of the Exclusions section:
The Basic Usage Report section provides statistics on Internet usage by the number of network requests and responses to them.
The Additional Checking section shows which filtering methods are enabled in addition to filtering by website category. The advanced administrator console needs to be used to set them up.