KinderGate Parental Control

  User Guide

The Requests section is used to add harmless sites to white lists and to display information on user requests to add blocked websites to the white list.
User requests are displayed on the Requests page and enable Administrator to:
When an attempt is made to access a blocked URL the user sees a KinderGate Blocked message used to display information about the blocked site (URL, category, reason), to send a white list request, or to unblock the site.
When the user receives a Blocked message he or she may send a request to unblock the site to the Administrator by clicking on Ask Administrator to Add This Site to White List.
The blocked URL will be displayed on the Requests page of the Administrator console. The user request to unblock the site needs to be analyzed by the Administrator. If the website is harmless, the Administrator may decide to add the site to a white list by clicking the Add to White List button:
The URL of the requested site will be moved from the Requests to the Exclusions section, White List under the Exclusion List: