KinderGate Parental Control

  User Guide


Initial Settings and Registration

After installation is complete, you must set up the initial filter settings and register the product.
Important! An unregistered version of KinderGate will block Internet access.
To begin initial software setup start the KinderGate management web console. You can do it in either one of the following ways:
1. Open a web browser and go to http://localhost:3128.
2. Try to open any website in a browser. Until you register the product you will be redirected to the KinderGate management console.
3. Start the KinderGate management console from the application list (only for Mac OSX).
When you first start the console you will be requested:
1. To select the interface language, for example English, and click the Continue button:
2. To read the License Agreement; to click the Accept button to continue installing the KinderGate software:
3. To select a Simple or a Cluster KinderGate Software Install mode in the Installation dialog window. The Simple Install Mode is for installation of the software on a single computer, the Cluster – is for incorporation of several computers into a centrally managed cluster.