KinderGate Parental Control

  User Guide

General Settings
The General Settings section is used to set up interface language, time zone, safe search, ad block; to disable/enable content download, create certificates, or change administrator password.
The General Settings page has the following sections:
The Admin Console Settings section is used to set up interface language and time zone. Time zone is responsible for correctly displaying statistics, event log, and login history (in the applicable time zone). The default interface language and time zone can be selected from the drop-down menus. The drop-down menu can be opened by pointing the mouse and clicking on the selected interface language, for example English, and time zone, for example Australia/Brisbane:
The Search section is used to enable/disable the safe search option on search engine websites such as Google, Yandex, Yahoo, Bing, Rambler, as well as YouTube and others. Once safe search is turned on, a mechanism is enabled that does not allow unauthorized content, pornography or bad words, for example, to be found using the search engine. Not only websites are filtered, but also pictures and videos.
You can enable/disable safe search by pointing the mouse and clicking on the word Enabled/Disabled:
The Ad Block section is used to block advertisements, pop-ups in downloaded websites, to view information on the current version or the latest updates.
The problem of pop-ups is becoming more and more prevalent. Oftentimes, following a link hidden behind an annoyingly persistent picture has nothing to do with a user’s conscious decision, but is simply a wrong mouse click. KinderGate software blocks pop-ups, including those downloaded from other websites.
Pervasive banners will not leave you alone when you surf the web. Visiting a harmless site might well involve watching pornographic images located, for example, on the side of the page. KinderGate software solves this problem as well, acting as a “banner chopper”.
You can enable/disable Ad Block by pointing the mouse and clicking on the word Enabled/Disabled:
The Content downloading section is used to set permissions for downloading video, audio, images, documents, archives and executables, or FLASH by pointing the mouse and clicking on the word Enabled/Disabled:
SSL Certification Authority section allows setting up a certificate used for SSL protocol encryption on the local computer, which will help avoid browser notifications of SSL certificate security issues in filtering sites that use the HTTPS protocol.
The certificate must be set up for the HTTPS traffic to be filtered correctly.
To receive the certificate click on the Download CA Certificate in the SSL Certification Authority dialog window.
The certificate needs to be setup in all browsers used on the computer. Information on certificate setting in various browsers can be found in Appendix No. 1 to this Guide.
The Change Password section enables changing the old administrator password to the new one. In order to do so, enter the old and new passwords and confirm the new password in the text fields with the appropriate names, then click the Change button: