KinderGate Parental Control

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Cluster Install Mode

The KinderGate software Cluster Install Mode allows you to incorporate several computers into a single cluster. The use of KinderGate in a cluster enables centralized application of filter settings to all computers in the cluster at the same time.
Click Cluster Install Mode in the Installation window to select the KinderGate software cluster installation mode:
Select the Master Node type to install KinderGate software on the first computer of the cluster or the Slave Node type for subsequent computers.
Set the administrator password and network password, if the Master Node is selected. Network password is required to add computers to an existing cluster. Click the Install button:
Enter the Main Node Name and Slave Node password, if the Slave computer is selected. Click the Connect button:
The Master Node name must be in the following format: kindergate@hostname, where hostname is the Master Node name. The node of the KinderGate cluster is displayed on the License administrator page. When working in a cluster the software need only be registered on one of the nodes.
Important! The administrator password is used to connect the administrator console to the KinderGate service, as well as to uninstall the program.